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Reopening: Guidance for Business Services (Banks, Notaries, Title Companies, etc.)

“Small and medium (especially non-chain) establishments such as banks, notary offices, title companies etc. have been very challenged during the COVID-19 pandemic. These businesses supply a service which in many cases involves a face-to-face interaction to complete a critical transaction that does not involve the hands-on purchase of tangible goods and services. Many establishments have been creative in encouraging online transactions, drive-thru services, and the utilization of video tools (e.g., FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype) to provide personal customer service. However, many have been forced to lay off or furlough key staff members, which may complicate reopening as states start to relax shelter-in-place and stay-at-home restrictions. With such restrictions beginning to lift, these owners are faced with difficult questions that must be addressed before reopening”