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6 Steps for Safe & Effective Disinfectant Use

Step 1: Check that your product is EPA-approved

  • Find the EPA registration number on the product. Then, check to
    see if it is on EPA’s list of approved disinfectants at:

Step 2: Read the Directions

  • Follow the product’s directions. Check “use sites” and “surface types” to
    see where you can use the product. Read the “precautionary statements.

Step 3: Pre-clean the surface

  • Make sure to wash the surface with soap and water if the directions
    mention pre-cleaning or if the surface is visibly dirty.

Step 4: Follow the contact time

  • You can find the contact time in the directions. The surface should
    remain wet the whole time to ensure the product is effective.

Step 5: Wear gloves and wash your hands

  • For disposable gloves, discard them after each cleaning. For
    reusable gloves, dedicate a pair to disinfecting COVID-19. Wash
    your hands after removing the gloves.

Step 6:  Lock it Up

  • Keep lids tightly closed and store out of reach of children.